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What is the Talbot house?

The Talbot house is a halfway house for recovering male alcoholics. We provide a 90-120 day rehabilitation program for the alcoholics who have gone through detoxification. The residential program stresses responsible behavior and the regaining of self-esteem. This is accomplished by a structured living arrangement where there are house duties as well as employment outside of the house. Residents have close contact with the staff. The Talbot house program is based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We provide the opportunity for the recovering alcoholic to reshape their thinking and their lives with strong AA support, encouragement and fellowship.

Why a Talbot House?

There are numerous places where an alcoholic can get sober, such as detox centers, treatment centers, hospitals and even jail. But after the alcoholic is discharged, then what? When the alcoholic is discharged he is usually frightened, unsure of things, and full of anxieties about how to continue in his sobriety. He is often homeless and jobless, lacking in self-reliance, self esteem and self respect.

So that such men could find what they need at this early stage of sobriety; the Talbot House was opened. A home where men could find shelter, clothing, food, and fellowship with others in similar situations, with intensive exposure to the principles of AA. These men get the right start back to self-respect and sobriety.

What is required of residents?

Talbot House residents are required to keep the house clean and do their share in maintaining the house, which is their home. They must cooperate in a rehabilitation program of helping themselves. Regular attendance at AA meetings, weekly counseling and fellowship are required. Talbot House residents are required to work and pay rent.


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